Pregnant and going for interview

I am 7 weeks pregnant and i have a job interview soon. Should i tell the interviewer or should i not?

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I will tell the company that I'm pregnant if they offer me the job. I feel that I should be given equal opportunities for consideration as others, based on my experience and capabilities. Ultimately, they still have the final decision on whether they wan to proceed to hire me. Speaking from my own personal experience, I went for an interview in Oct, they offer me the job in Nov and I signed the offer letter in the same month. Dec I found out that I'm pregnant. On my first day of job in Jan, I told the boss that I'm pregnant. He just asked me one question. Do I plan to continue working after giving birth? I said yes and they gave me the full 4 months of maternity leave and I am with the company for 8 years now, been given opportunities to rise up the corporate ladder all these years. I could only say that I have met a good boss and I'm in a good company.

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Hello all! I’m new to this app. I’m also in a similar situation.. it’s just that I’m coming to 15 weeks into pregnancy. Recently I got shortlisted for a dream job that I hope to get.. but bcos of my pregnancy I’m worried about being disadvantaged too. There are supposedly 4 rounds of interviews - 1st is a video assessment, 2nd with recruiter, 3rd with hiring manager, 4th is a technical and panel interview. I got past the 1st round and not sure at which point/round now should I be sharing abt my pregnancy too :( Any advice on which point/round is the best time to share the news?

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5y ago

Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Yes I feel that you should inform them. I went for interview when I'm around 4months preggy (but I didn't know that) then after that went to Dr to confirm. The compang must go for check up first before start work, this upon knowing that I'm pregnant I immediately inform the company as I don't want to waste each other time. But luckily the boss said he don't mind, as long as I do my job well and I was hired. Am with this company going 3 month next month confirm already. So I guess depending on company also, I started work on may and my Edd is end of Sept.

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Well, I encountered this, not me pregnant but my new colleague. To be honest, it can be quite annoying. Since a person is hired to share the work but unable to because pregnant women more precious and cannot too stress, some more new so cannot learn too fast. Ends up company paid for a full headcount but doing half the job. The rest of the team continues to suffer. It's a different matter if the company knows and still decides to hire. But when the company don't know, it really jeopardize plans.

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i got a job. and realise i preg my no. 2.. b4 i sign the contract. i open w them... they end up dun wan me. lol... but i uds oso. coz they hire me to take over some job from the other preggy.. and end up i oso preggy. cannot ma. so be open w them.. i since then no work till now. haha

I don't believe it should matter whether you're pregnant or not - you should be hired because of your skills and capabilities. So yes, tell them out of courtesy - but no, you shouldn't feel obligated to tell them you're pregnant

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Yes, don't need to hide the truth. If this company rejected, outside there must have other companies would accept you de. In the event, really don't have, maybe you could take this opportunity to learn some skills etc..

Yes.. but some companies they wont hire preggers... my company even sent me for health checkup to ensure im not pregnant before i join.. i guess sometimes thats just how it works over here.. =(

By law you don’t have to tell them but personally i will let them know its just that there is a chance they might not hire you just becoz you will have to take maternity leave soon etc😀

Yes you should. You don't want to end up wastng your time. Once you get the job and tummy grows bigger by then they may not want you and you will need to look for another job again.