Hi mummies, I'm 4 months pregnant and I've noticed that I'm having loss of hair ever since the 3rd month. Any advice what go apply, eat?

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Try doing warm Coconut, almond, jojoba, olive  oil massages, do not put your hair up in tight ponytails or pigtails. Make sure to take your prenatals or more vitamin E. Also have your Doctor check your Thyroid and Iron levels this can cause hair loss. Other than that it can be low Estrogen levels.

Hair will drop around third month onwards but will stabilize around 9 months. I used the shampoo Natur Vita anti dandruff shampoo which can be bought at guardian and Watson's. This help me a lot. It was recommended by other mommies to me. Meanwhile make sure you eat your proteins

8y ago

Thankyou! Will try :)

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I have the same issue. 8months now and still dropping. The amount I drop is so scary. I think if I collect them all, can make into a wig. Haha

5y ago

😂 This is funny but scary at the same time😅me loosing hair after 4 months of delivery. Now im trying supplement and use hair serum see if it works

Loss of hair is part of hormonal changes after childbirth. Try coconut oil massage after every hair wash to stimulate hair growth.

5y ago

She is in her 4th month pregnancy only 🤔

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I find coconut and/or almond oil is really good. Almond oil promotes hair growth and coconut keeps it shiny n healthy looking

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It's part of the hormones changing. it will drop till your LO turn 1. You can try any hairfall product. But it will still drop

8y ago

No wonder. I thot that shampoo didnt work.

experienced it at the start of 3 months for a short while then hair regrow back again.

Milk, yohurt , apple , almonds these arethe best for hair fall