What's the worse period during pregnancy? Only in my first trimester and I don't know why I even get myself pregnant again. It's really horrible ???

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For me 1st trimester was the worst, 2nd 3rd and even giving birth was a breeze 😜. But honestly after the baby comes out all of those bad experience vanished into thin air. I can assure you you won't even remember thinking you don't want to get pregnant again. So don't worry, this too shall pass!

Worst period for pregancy cant be defined. It varies differently for each person. Some get it worst during the first trimester, whilst others maybe the second or third. For now, i suggest you take a step back and take a break. It will get better.

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It’s depend. But the most difficult time I feel is when you are sick and couldn’t do anything to get it better. No medicine or herbal tea to ease it, is the most terrible period

For me, the first trimester is the worst, my Friend! Second trimester will be better! Look forward to that! ❤️


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3rd trimester... will be so tiring again like 1st

Through out Esp trimenster theee

For me during 3rd trimester

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Tri1 I feel is toughest!