I am 8 months pregnant and throughout my whole I been eating and sleeping a lot. I feel extreme tired, I am not working and during the weekdays after breakfast I will be sleeping like from 10am or 11am to 3 to 4pm. Wake up and eat my dinner then I will watch my drama show. Most of the time I will be staying at home. My husband will go out with me during weekends and i will try to walk as much as possible but I feel my tummy feeling heavy and abit uncomfortable. I am worry that I will have a long labour because I did not walk or exercise a lot. All I do is sleep and eat, I don't know why I feel so awake during the night time and so tired during the afternoon time. Anyone encounter the same experience with me? I really hope I will not have a long labour due to my daily routine. :'(

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Hi it is extremely normal to feel tired and sleepy all the time during pregnancy :) he body is working so much to contain a full sized baby! I think the reason why you feel so awake at night is because Perhaps you sleep too much in the day. Night sleep is most important for you and the baby. Try to find some activities to do in the day? You can consider doing for prenatal yoga or Pilates classes. Go for short slow walks in the evenings everyday. For myself I bought a book about yoga poses for pregnancy and did it on my own at home. Other times I was busy baking or packing baby stuffs so I was constantly on the move. The more you walk around and the more you do squats closer to your EDD I think it will in your labour in terms of giving you more stamina to push. Especially squats. I did mine too late and hence my baby never really got engaged even during my EDD. However if you feel breathless or giddy in the last trimester pls make sure someone is around when you go for walks. Other than that just relax and enjoy the last trimester.

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Hi, I think u don't need to worry because ur lifestyle / how active u are will not affect the duration of ur labor (quote from my Gyne). I also didn't exercise at all, never really try to walk, gained 20++kg, baby still on the smaller side and had to eat more by order of Gyne. I asked my Gyne Abt exercise stuff but he said it doesn't matter at all - too many factors affect duration of labor. Fit pple can also have Long labor or end up cesarean so it's really ok. Working out prob helps ur stamina but it's not as though u can control the speed of the labor in the first place. Working out does however lower risk of gestational diabetes and makes it a easier recovery to switch back to somewhat active lifestyle after baby(if u can find the time that is) U are already 8 months, tired is an understatement. But to improve current situation, I hunk u Shld slowly try to adjust to sleep earlier (just try 30 min earlier, then 60min earlier) so that u won't feel so awake at night n tired in the day.

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