What does life mean to u now?

At this stage of life, What does life mean to u? And Why?

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I am grateful Everyday for my life. I appreciate life and try to vibrate positive energy, happiness and gratitude. I only have one life so I will live it to the best I can

Actually it hasn't ever changed - whatever life stage I'm at (graduate, married, kids, etc): be the best person I can be in life, parent, job, partner

Learning how to be a better mum, and always learning how to be better from my child. Learning how to embrace life and live lighter

My son is my life. Watching him grow and ensuring he grows well is what’s most important for me and my husband.

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Just wanna stay healthy and see my daughter through all her major milestones, achievements (:

Enjoying my pregnancy life... I believe after deliver my life will be a mess hahaaaha

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Making sure my baby grow well, my parents are healthy and family is close knotted.

Now to be it’s about responsibility Taking care of my kid and parents

Living happily with my family, everybody to be healthy and happy

Means finding new challenges, and always improving yourself.