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did anyone vomitted/nauseous after drinking the glucose test? what does it mean if u vomited? does it indicate that u are having mild GD?

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Probably because its super sweet especially at the end when you finishing it. Just clench ur hands tightly, thats what i do..😂😂😂 if u vomitted out,then u have to redo. And i do have GD after taking glucose test and yeap slightly light headed (thy say its a lil sign of gd) , but once i give birth, its all gone! My sugar level was back to normal..

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Nope didnt vomit and nope vomit doesnt mean have gd. Cs you havent eat anything since the night before and suddenly need to drink a thick syrup which also makes your throat feel scratchy thats when you feel like vomitting but i didnt feel like vomitting tho

No it doesnt mean you have GD. You are asked to fast from midnight til your appointment time. When you havent eaten anything and you have to drink a bottle of syrup water, it makes you feel awful!! Thats why can vomit. 😵‍💫

I did feel nauseous but also because the drink was too sweet and made my throat uncomfy. The test results came out fine after that.

Nope. It means u have to do it all over again