Sometimes yelling at children is the only way to get them to do what you want. Do you agree?
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When we are mad and frustrated we feel that yelling is the last resort we can do to get the attention of our children, yes I was guilty of this for many times but it was never effective, yeah they get threatened but after that there's no lesson imposed. Instead, we just taught them an unhealthy way to deal with an ordeal, we're just like saying that, it is okay to be unruly when things go bad. I am convinced then that no matter what as parents we should hold our temper, talk to our children with respect and love at all times. I know this is very difficult to do with a lot of pressure that comes into our lives but you will see the difference it makes.

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Yes, sometimes. Not every time. But occasionally it does work. Honestly, as a mum one gets really bogged down by multiple things and sometimes kids just cannot work on their own temperament. That’s the absolute only time my voice subconsciously raises. I feel bad later, but I also feel, it works.

Well, you need patience with children by explaining and at time you need to show example for them to follow you.

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kadang2 perlu depends pada keadaan. slalu berlembut pun xboleh..mesti naik tocang gak


Disagree. Need to pat her when she really focusing on something

I only yel from pain if she accidently pulls my hair

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Usually they didnt listen when I yelled.

it all depends on on how you take him/her


admittedly not a patient person