Can someone tell me which baby doesn’t cry? My son is only 6 months old. My fil keep telling him, you cannot cry okay? Why you always cry? Moreover I told him to let my son sleep himself inside the play pen, he doesn’t make any noise no need to keep watching over him. But he keep saying need ppl to be here. I told him I want him to be independent, else next time I can’t do my own things. So frustrated, hubby talk to him before but he stubborn not listening!!! What can I do??? So annoying man

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Sending you hugs. I understand how frustrating it can be whenever they step in with their comments and yet not the one taking care of baby. It’s hard to explain things to them because elderly assume that they’ve most experience and their friends around them do this do that also. Anyway I resolved this issue with baby monitor. There are many good and cheap options online!

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Hi, I think talking to your father in law again and again when this issue happens should be the best approach as sometimes they are little stubborn. I am sure talking to them will help as it is important for your baby to learn how to be independent.

I was an infant teacher but true enough, we have to be there to look at the bast sleeping, you can go off but you need to constantly check on them. Maybe assure him that it will be alright, maybe purchase a baby sleeping monitor?

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Hi Dorothy, my playpen was place in the living room. Thus we can have our time to do our things when baby are sleep or playing on their own. But my fil is stubborn enough to stand there and watch over him or asking ppl to sit beside him to watch over him. Which I think is not necessary, I asked him to leave him alone cause I want him to be independent as well. But I can’t talk sense to him as he is Super stubborn maximum. ): sigh..... I will purchase a baby monitor to see if such things occurs again. If yes, I really have no say 😭

I feel for you... Facing similar issues at home... No matter what my husband and MIL explain/reminds my FIL, he just insists his way... Really no choice, we are staying together so just close eyes... For harmony's sake...


I had same issue with my in law. I don't understand why they don't want to listen too. One advice to you is don't make your hub be stuck in both parties. If not this will cause problem between both of you.

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You should be grateful that your FIL is willing to look after your son. And he’s right that you need someone to look after your son even though he’s in the playpen. Accidents can happen.

Hugs I understand u are frustrated but important need cool down yourself or stay away for a moment if can ask another elder party to help explain to him.

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Maybe you or your husband need to constantly remind your fil. Old folks so not much you can do but close an eye sometimes

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Baby cries. Some time it’s hard to change the elderly, they are stubborn, just let them be.


Try to stay away from him to stay away from conflict. Just raise your Son the way you see fit