Hi mummies! What is the next step after knowing that i tested positive? ?

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Congrats! Start taking 400-800mcg of folate/folic acid daily to minimize risk of neural tube defects. Schedule a gynae appt between week 7 and 12. Any earlier, you may not see much from the ultrasound scan, e.g. can't even see embryo yet, so it's quite pointless. Week 7 onwards, good chance of detecting heartbeat but it's too early for dating (to find out expected due date) so no real hurry. Do read online about the new diet to follow. There's a couple of stuff to avoid.

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4y ago

Yes it's ok. If you go in May, I believe they can slot in a hospital appt in time. Or maybe use the formula below as a very rough guideline. Number of Weeks since your ovulation date till May visit + 2 weeks (allowance to book hospital appointment) = less than 10 or 11 weeks. E.g. 6 weeks (ovulation date on 1 april & plan to go polyclinic on 13 may) + 2 weeks (allowance for polyclinic to book hospital appt) = 10 weeks

If you want a subsidised option, go to a polyclinic to confirm your pregnancy and ask for a referral to KKH. Definitely cheaper than private. Some mothers go through KKH first under subsidy until 3rd trimester then switched to private. Just to save on the costs. So better to discuss your finances with your partner first if money is not going to be an issue for the whole 9 months.

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congrats! now you can go poly and they will check the urine test again to confirm then they will refer you the hosp of your choice.

4y ago

Thank you!! What was your hospital of your choice and gynae?

Ask friends to recommend gynae or find 1 near your house. Have to make sure gynae can deliver at the hospital u want

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Congrats! Go for a check up, polyclinic and they will give you referral letter to hospital.

Good you downloaded the app add your pregnancy in the tracker ? Now go to doc

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Congrats! Book an appointment to see your gynae:)

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Doctor checkup .. n take necessary medication


Choose your gynae and go for a check up!

Congrats and eat folic acid!