Week32 tested positive

Hi, I'm currently at week 32 and tested positive using ART,mild symptoms, not sure what to do next... I should just isolate at home? Any advice Mummy? Thnak in advance.

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I was C19 at 29weeks. Am allergic to paracetamol, hence there’s was no meds for me. It was.. horrible esp the body ache. On top of that I’m having GDM, doc overlooked that I can’t do home recovery. They only realised it on my 6th day of recovery at home. Drink plenty of water & please rest. The more sleep you get the better you will be mommy. Take care! Rmr to inform MOH about it as well..

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Was covid +ve at week 35-36 borderline on not being able to do HRP but GP decided to put me on HRP as symptoms were mild. I am fully vaccinated but not boostered. Best to be comfortable and rest/recover well. Home isolation is OK if you're having mild symptoms, otherwise they put you in a quarantine facility for monitoring. I'm recovering well at Day 8 after testing +ve!

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thank you for sharing