Do you bathe your baby if you’re back late at night

Hi mummies, when you’re out with your baby till night, assuming they usually shower around 6-7pm, do you still shower them when you’re back? Even it it’s around 9/10pm. I’m scared itll be too cold for him, even if it’s a warm bath. I always have a dilemma whether to shower my baby (9 weeks old) or not when we’re back home late and by the time he’s already sound asleep. And once he’s asleep at night, he would usually sleep quite a long stretch of at least 4/5 hours or even 8hrs. Do i wake him up for a shower/wipe down when we’re back home? Or leave him to sleep. We do shower him every morning or afternoon. No hate comments about hygiene pls, as im a ftm im still figuring out how all these works.

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If we’re back home after 7pm I don’t bathe my baby. If baby is asleep I will let them sleep. If baby is awake I will prepare a small pail of warm water (sometimes mix in with little soap) and use a small towel to wipe down baby. I prefer this wiping down method as regular wet wipes feels not wet enough. At that young age, baby isn’t so “dirty” yet so don’t have to worry. I usually like a good wipe down because the weather can be very warm and make baby feel sticky.

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At 9 weeks old we don’t wake baby up to shower when we reach home late, just do a quick wipe down when she’s almost up for her next feed. And since you shower him every morning, I don’t see an issue 😊. My LO is now 23mo, if we come back late (regardless of timings), we just shower her as long as she’s awake.

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if it's already late night, I don't shower my baby. just a quick wipe down. and depends on how baby is dressed, I'll try to have at least clean clothes on.

just wipe down your baby its fine! when my baby 3months i only shower her every night b4 bedtime as yout baby 9 weeks old just wipe only then its fine

If the bathing time exceed 6pm no showering. Wipe down with warm towel and change into comfy sleepsuit.


if my baby is home all day, i find bathing just once a day suffice in my case :)

shower once a day is enough. if really scared about hygiene then wipe down.