7 weeks pregnant and having brown discharge

Hi mummies. I am 7 weeks plus pregnant and having brown discharge. Went for an ultrasound and baby is fine but gynae found some bleeding near the pregnancy sac. Placed me on 2 weeks complete bed rest. Anyone experienced this or have some stories to share?

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ako po nung 6 wks plang na notice ko na sya sa tissue lang tpos nagpa check up na ko. my OBGYNE gave me Duphaston 3xaday , no strenuous activity and no contact... and today marked as 7 weeks and day 4 meron na nmn sa tissue kaninang madaling araw... kaya eto nkahiga aq with pillows under my knees since madaling araw, minsan nka left side or right side with pillows in betweenmy legs. nabigla yata ako nung sabado, naglaba kase aq 😔

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Yes i am facing it, earlier bleeding was on red colour now its light dark spotting , and i am also on bed rest with proper medication. I am Afraid if i go for scan everything should be alright . Dont worry take care


Me! I was bedridden for whole 1st tri. 3x threaten abortion. 2x bleeding 1x tummy pain. My gynae gave me 3 jab to stabilise and med to eat.

4y ago

Thank you for sharing with me! It is tiring to be on complete bed rest but i guess no choice

Pls take care!