symptoms have stopped

im in my 6th week n stopped having sore breasts. that was my only symptom of pregnancy n im worried. does this mean im having a misscarriage? i dont have any ms. just sore breasts n now its gone…. going to my first scan in 3 days should i be worried?

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Pregnancy symptoms can come and go. If you’re worried, I would suggest you to call up your gynae to see if they can schedule you earlier (tmr). At least you can have a peace of mind instead of having to worry for 2 more days. Take care! 😊

2y ago

thank you so much for all your replies! i will deff wait 2 more days for my scan! cannot w8 to see this little peanut in my tummy!!!!


symptoms vary greatly with each pregnancy... mine were super mild, even if i had any