#ftm sore breasts no longer sore

Hi mummies. I'm in week 20 now. My breast had been feeling sore since first trimester till about week 18. Suddenly realised they are no longer sore.... is this normal? Will the tenderness come back or is it normal for it to be gone after 2nd trimester....? Should I be worried... tvym inadvance!

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Yes it’s common, the soreness is the 1st symptoms of pregnancy , and I feel more in ur 3rd trimester and sometimes some people don’t feel it until delivery


my soreness was only at the first trimester. I thought it was because my menses is coming. in the end I found out I was pregnant. lol. congratulations!

Yes it's normal. Enjoy the non-sore state now because when start to have milk is a different set of problems 😅

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It’s normal.. mine has been sore since 1st trimester. It is so hard to work with my sore boobs 😂

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It's fine mama, all because of hormones! Take care and enjoy your pregnancy journey!

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Yes. It gets better at 2nd trimester! More energy too

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It’s normal