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I got married 2 weeks ago and just found out I am 10 weeks pregnant. How do i break the news to my boss and colleagues without having them judge me for this? Any idea?

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people will judge u no matter your choices, just whether they dare to say anything to your face or not. i had my baby before marriage, only got married with baby dad after 3years(no reason why), even though i wasn’t a single mum my bosses n colleagues still gossip alot saying things like “aiyah stupid la, must be don’t know how to think” “the guy must be don’t want responsibility” etc etc, even though they know i’m still tgt with my baby dad. 🤣 so i pretended i didn’t know anything they said, one day i just strike up a conversation with them, casually brought up this line “i heard those who gossip go to hell leh, yesterday i watch the documentary they talk about this. i think u all going to hell, heard u guys gossiping everyday. me however, do not care if i go to hell.” they looked so embarrased n apologised. afterward they never talked about me anymore, changed target 🙄

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It’s good to be truthful than have them gossip behind your back. It will be more painful. You were already engaged to be married back then. What’s wrong with doing family planning and planning ahead for a baby? Your baby is a blessing. Some couples can’t even conceive despite trying for so long.

Is it due to religion that makes you in dilemma? If so, then you may have to tell white lies. If is not, then is fine to break the news and ignore the gossip, if any.

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Congrats. Regardless of what people says, you are rewarded with a little angel. This is better than people hoping for a child for long time but never get one.


Why worried to get judge? I think the society is quite open to it. And you are married to your hub anw.

I think you shouldn't worry what they think. Is there a reason you're afraid they might judge you?

Shouldn’t be an issue.