divorce or not

I cant stay with my husband anymore. But my baby only 6 months old, i m not working, financially i need my husband.

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Not divorce. Your baby only 6mo which means your marriage shouldn't be long. Hardships wouldn't be much also unless you have an abusive husband I seen many post about divorcing here. Sweat!!! Just wondering, why both of you marry each other? Many couples love their gf/bf very much and some even willing to die for each other before marry. However after marry, they can't even communicate properly. The victim is the poor children. Please think again and don't give up so easily. You haven't fight hard enough for your new family. Baby needs both mother and father

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Don't mind me asking what's the reason why you can't stay with your husband? Regardless what's the reason, I guess no one can decide for you wheather to divorce or not. However if you really can't stay with him, you need to think of many other factors beside not being financially stable. 1. Who will have the custody of the child? 2. Will you be able to get a job? 3. If you have a job, who take care of the child? Try to discuss with your family & your husband. Let him know how you feel. Perhaps there's still a way out? *hugs

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Hey I'm sorry to hear this.. Do think it through which works best for you. if you really divorcing, you can still work and send your baby to childcare? I wish you all the best.

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B strong mamma.. just talk with ur partner, is there any solution instead of divorce .. coz alone with a baby the life will b more difficult.. take care

Hi Mummy, if there’s no abuse (physical or emotionally), and if there is still a chance to work things out, suggest to try solving first


both parents need some time to adjust try to talk it out with your hubby. for the sake of baby try to work it out.

Stay strong. I hope you are able to sort this out.

Stay strong. Have you tried marriage counselling?

What’s the reason? Hope you can stay strong

Depends why you feel that way