I am not sexually satisfied with my husband? Would it be a valid reason for a divorce?

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There are a few Grounds of Divorce, namely: 1. Adultery 2. Unreasonable Behaviour 3. Desertation 4. Separation for 3 years (with agreement from Defendant) 5. Separation for 4 years (no agreement needed) http://www.lawsociety.org.sg/forPublic/YoutheLaw/Divorce.aspx Sexual dissatisfaction may stem from emotional issues. Do get some counselling and work on your relationship. You may find that the sexual relationship may improve. You can also attend a course by a sexologist. Eros Coaching http://www.eroscoaching.com/

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As mentioned above, sex is not a ground for divorce in Singapore. There are supports in Singapore for sexually dysfunction (sexual problems relating to interest, arousal, orgasm, pain or fear/anxiety) and can go for treatment. SAMH is one of them to assist sexually problems faced by couples. http://www.samhealth.org.sg/sexual-dysfunction/

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