One off ultrasound scan without my gynae

Hellooo! So.. I had my scan done on my lmp 7wks but ultrasound showed 5w2days in kkh, and I'm really worried because the size also was quite small and cannot see the fetal pole. The next appt they could schedule for me is 7 WEEKS after my first scan! Because of my gynae's availability... Is there any way I can book for a scan separately without having to do a consultation with my gynae and being tied to her availability? So I can do it earlier.

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Oh dear, I understand your concern. It can be really stressful when you're worried about your little one. It's great that you're proactive about seeking reassurance. In Singapore, you have a few options if you want to get another ultrasound without going through your gynae's schedule. One option is to check with other clinics or hospitals in your area. Many have ultrasound services available, and you might be able to book a scan separately without needing a consultation with a gynae. You could also look into private ultrasound clinics. They often offer flexible scheduling and might be able to fit you in sooner than your next appointment with your gynae. Just make sure to check reviews and ensure they have qualified professionals conducting the scans. Another option is to discuss your concerns with your gynae's office. They might be able to prioritize your scan or offer alternatives if you explain your worries about waiting for the next appointment. Remember, it's important to take care of yourself emotionally during this time too. Waiting can be tough, but try to stay positive and focus on taking care of yourself until you can get the answers you need.

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by then it would alr be week 12?? I suggest to request for scan earlier . should be fine to do scan first then go down the next time when your gynae is available. just call n arrange they can understand

Better go for second opinion if ur worried. Some clinic equipment might be outdated and wont show accurately. Don’t worry. All will be okay.

I would consult another clinic or gynaecologist. Cause by right there should atleast be another scan to see heartbeat at 8/9 weeks

Maybe you can wait till 7 wks for the scan while baby grows bigger so more obvious during scan, or find another gynae

Can call in to see if there is any other available gynae


had all my scans via gynae... look for another?

You can consult another available gynae.