Does your mother-in-law have control over your own home?
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Yes, she dominates me
No, I'm the woman of the house

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I hv no mother in law, father in law...😑 hv only sister in law bt she is married. So i m the woman of the house.. Or u can say queen of my little world

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Its wise to stay away from both parents when you get married. Cut that apron strings.. Be the main role of your own household

bumukod kami dahil minsan na nyang sinira pamilya namin. wicked in laws na pede nyo maimagine haysss


She has her own home. We have our own home. So, there's no 2 queens in 1 a home, right? 🥰


If our house dont think she can control it

hello pretty, nice meeting you here

I manage my home in my own way

she's not that kind of person

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Nope! 😂