My 10-year-old son has a very caring, sensitive nature—too sensitive, I think, for a boy—is he gay?

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At the cost of sounding rude, may I ask you what led you to compare being sensitive to being gay? Is it the common societal perception that girls are supposed to be emotional and caring while boys are supposed to be aggressive and rude? As a parent, I think you should be really proud of your son for his caring and sensitive heart. It's something to be treasured and nurtured really. As for being gay, sadly, society and media portray gays as being overtly effeminate and such, but in truth, they are as normal as you and me. Being gay is a function of sexual inclinations, not about being kind and caring. Appreciate your son for what he is without worrying so much :) I send him a big hug too!

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Why do people always assume that 🙄 I know a lot of kids who are straight and get bullied consistently in school just for being sensitive and caring. 😞Neighbours who keep say that they'll grow up to be gay or their are suited to be gay when they grow because of their personality. It's painful to see that some took that path eventually because it was their own parents who declared this upon them. Some I know are straight. They are loving, kind and considerate. They're also responsible because of how sensitive they are. It's sad to see a large part of this generation losing good fathers because this.

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Everybody should be caring and sensitive, boys, girls... You must be proud of it! And, communication is a must between parents and sons, maybe you can wait a little bit more until he's older and you can talk about this. There's no problem for being gay, str8 or whatever, sexual orientation is just another piece of any human being! 😊

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Take care of your health, provide soft foods and explore his body to Sun. Always try natural foods, thanks.


nice to have a caring & sensitive boy

you should proud..