Bleeding throughout pregnancy

Hi all, I'm currently 20w pregnant, and I've been having bleeding episodes on and off since I found out I was pregnant (around 4 weeks +). I've been on duphaston all the way from the first bleeding until now, currently on 3 tabs a day. During the 1st trimester, I saw pink, brown, and bright red bleeding but nothing more than half a pantyliner. A lot of people told me that the 2nd trimester would be better and my friends who've had bleeding experience said it all happened during 1st trimester only. But 2nd trimester became more scary for me, I started to see blood clots (mostly 20 cents size) coming out and bleeding is always bright red. Last night was the scariest, I thought I've lost it. I was about to bathe and suddenly blood started to dripping out and within 5 mins it was coming out faster and faster I was so scared I sat on the toilet bowl and heard it continue dripping down. So we rushed to the A&E again, baby is moving and heartbeat normal. Again, doctors could not explain why and asked if I'd like to be admitted but told us they can only monitor the bleeding and there's nothing they can do if it is going to miscarriage. So far, there are a few things they found out during checkups, but always said it could be the cause, but also unlikely to cause such bleeding. 1) mild low placenta (doctor said its really mild and unlikely to bleed like that) 2) a small polyp 3) candida infection (which we have also treated with medication already) Anyone with such experience and gave birth successfully? I'm so afraid the bleeding episodes getting scarier each time and 1 day I'll really lose it ? #advicepls #bleeding #preagnant #2ndtrimester

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