Can I use listerine mouth wash?

Hi mommies, i'm currently pregnant. Is it safe to use listerine mouth wash? I felt that my acid indigestion is quite bad which i have acid reflux every now and then, and feel like brushing teeth only doesn't feel clean.

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What is your symptoms for gastric reflux? I having this since my 1st tri and currently at my 2nd tri. I have indisgestion problem and always viomit after brushing my teeth at night. I will have gastric acid first thing in the morning brushing my teeth..

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Ask Doctor if you can take Gaviscon liquid ,can buy any pharmacy . I have acid reflux too. Mouth wash is safe to used.

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yes its safe to use listerie mouth wash. For your indigestion, you can consider taking gaviscon, it helps in acid reflux.

7y ago

your welcome!!

Hi momshies ask lang po anong pwedeng gamitin na feminine wash? Thank you so much sa mga sasagot ? God Bless

It's fine so long as it doesn't contain alcohol

So long as no alcohol in it, you should be fine

Yes if the mouthwash does not contain alcohol

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Yes. I went to Dental clinic twice also :)

Is it safe to visit dentist during pregnancy ?

5y ago

Yes, in fact it is recommended to! As there is also increased risk of gingivitis in pregnancy which may not be good for the development of the foetus. Best to be in the second trimester when there is less morning sickness and before the third when the bump gets bigger