Hi Mummies, I am in 39 weeks pregnant And yesterday i had discharge blood Went to hospital, the doctor told normal , open 1 cm, let me come home, then after that i kept discharge brown blood. Is it normal? Just worry something is wrong.

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Yes it's normal. While doing a dilation check, slight bleeding will occur. it's a sign of labour. monitor for contractions. If pain is getting closer or more fresh blood discharge do go back to the hospitial.

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7y ago

thank you for your advice

Is very normal . After the bloody show it can be takes hours or days for the Labour Day. Contractions is the thing u need to take note of

7y ago

i dont feel very pain now, not water break yet, just sometimes little stomachache like when has period

Nothing is wrong,its just that ur cervix is dilating gradually

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Do keep yourself in check and all the best for your labour :)

Keep observe. Go hospital if contraction start