Brownish discharge

I am 6 wks plus pregnant and had some brownish pink discharge and a little bit of cramp yesterday night... went to KKH emergency but the doctor say baby heartbeat is ok and no blood too... is it normal to have this type of discharge during first trimester??

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I had spotting in my 5th week for 4 days, and i checked with GP at that time. She said, as long as its not heavy bleeding and no period like cramp, it is ok in 1st trimester. But see a doctor immediately if change in flow or pain. In fact i had spotting in week 17 as well, but no pain. But this time i got worried and rushed to A&E. The doc did ultrasound and found baby doing fine. Didn’t find any source of bleeding. Prescribed me 200mg of progesterone precautionary sake. Doc mentioned that any kind of bleeding during pregnancy is not normal, but doesn’t need to be bad too. So its always good to get it checked.

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Yes! It’s normal if you have spoken to your gynae and he/she has given the all clear. I had it for one full month in my first tri.. brownish discharge, sometimes very dark brown. My gynae says it’s old blood, so don’t read too much into articles online saying that it should only last 2-3 days (being implantation bleeding)

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Hi, I had the same spotting at 7w+, and I lost all my symptoms overnight. Went to KKH Urgent O&G but heartbeat was ok. Dr said it is normal to get spotting in 1st tri. But if it is enough to soak up a panty liner, then go to the hospital.

I had such discharge and even blood clot! But mine was due to some uterus or placenta being low forget already but no big deal!

Hi, thank you. Will it happen often?? I am worry for my baby as this is my first pregnancy...

I had it all the way till 3rd month. so don't worry it's normal

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It’s normal