Can pregnant eat squid ink pasta? Or pasta cooked with wine? Currently in my 16weeks.

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Hi, Squid, if eaten in moderation and cooked well, is fine to eat in moderation. Ink is high in nutrients; glutamic acid and antioxidants, which are good for an expecting woman. Food consumed immediately without cooking will have 100 percent of alcohol used in the recipe. Food that is flamed will have 75 percent of the alcohol left; whereas only 25 percent of the alcohol remains in a dish that has been baked for an hour. So, it is a myth that the alcohol evaporates and only the favour is left in the dish. So, if you do not want to have any alcohol even indirectly, then you must not have pasta cooked in wine either.

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Hi yes there is nothing wrong with eating squid and food that is cooked with wine . Cooking already evaporates the alcohol . As long as you eat in moderation it will be fine.

Yes it is fine to eat both in moderation. Squid is low in mercury and for cooked wine, alcohol is evaporated. So don't worry and eat on :)