Weird cravings??!

What is the weirdest cravings you've gotten so far? Mind will be tomato paste!! Like pasta, or fried rice cooked in with tomato paste. Anyone else?

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Double filet o fish burger with fries. Have to eat this at least once a week 🤣 I never used to crave even the single filet o fish.

McD grape jam + anything salty / spicy. My weirdest was probably McD grape jam + KFC whipped potato 🤨

3y ago

Wahh thats so cute! Mash and jam!

I craved so much for gummies (pre-pregnancy I never liked gummies lol) and Strepsils!

never had durian in my life, craved durian 2 days ago 🥺🥺🥺

3y ago

no….. dont know why i crave it also 😂😂😂

lol Bovril.

Me too!!