I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with my firstborn. What are some things I should know about my newborn and the first few weeks of motherhood? Pls share your real life wisdom with me.

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Newborns don’t look like magazine babies. Sometimes the books are just wrong. Listen to your baby. Respect him and his intuition. He will tell you what he needs. Respond to nosy questions with “Why do you ask?” Hold off buying things until you know whether you’re ever going to use them—like a crib or changing table. The ideal adult-to-baby ratio is about three to one the first week. When people offer help, say yes. Join a playgroup. It’s not for the child, it’s for the mother. Don’t be surprised at how totally bizarre you feel the first week. It’s normal to feel really weird.

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3 hours straight sleep is a luxury. Don't buy so many newborn stuff. They're good for 2 months only. Never co-sleep with your baby at night till she's 10 weeks old. Never co-sleep with your baby during daytime when u are tired. Ask hubby to do 1 feeding in the middle of the night so u can rest better.

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Look for baby cues, and not Google. Don't buy too many newborn clothes. Babies are not so fragile. Breastfeeding will hurt in the start, but all will be ok in a few weeks. Take more pics cause they may entirely change and they grow so fast!

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Breastfeeding will hurt. A lot. And it might not be easy. You need to persevere if you want to breastfeed but it will get better and your life will be easier once you and baby are pros at it.

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Don't be so paranoid about cleanliness. A dirty house builds extra immunities. Sometimes motherhood stinks. And that's okay. :)

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