Can I take birds nest during pregnancy?

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There is a myth that says that eating bird's nest during pregnancy will increase the chances of baby having asthma. However, this is after all a myth. There is no official evidence to indicated that taking bird’s nest during pregnancy will put your baby at a high risk of developing asthma or any other allergies. The mommy above is right, as with anything you eat, all foods should be consumed in moderation.

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Yes, you can. I took when I was pregnant too. Just rmb to take in moderation

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yes. i did take from second trimester onwards but in moderation

yes! I always had a big bowl of home cooked bird nest! (:

Yes can. I took it Everyday after the start of 3rd tri

Yes you can. I took it during the third trimester.

hi now I'm 11 week can take bird nest every day?

yup no issues - can also consume in confinement

I took once a week.