Hi,do you use normal detergent (adult detergent) to wash your baby clothes or you guys use baby brands for detergent to wash clothes? If you guys use baby detergent,what brands do you guys use?

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I’m using tollyjoy anti dustmite laundry detergent cause my kids have eczema. I usually buy a whole carton during baby fair, cause it’s cheaper. SuperMom is offering free delivery now too ◡̈

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I use Pigeon. It’s better to use baby detergent to wash baby clothes because baby skin is very sensitive. Normal detergent has too much chemicals so it is too strong for baby skin.

baby detergent better for at least the first 6months or first year as their skin is more sensitive. but u can also use natural/organic detergent that’s safe for whole family like biohome

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no specific brand either, i’m using Fiffy

Baby detergent, now using dapple, previously using happyganics. Happyganics does not get rid of stains easily, but dapple does the job better of getting rid of stains.

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I use baby detergent. If budget is of concern, use adult liquid detergent instead of powder as liquid is more dissolvable and easier to be rinsed off the clothes

Use Buds organic. The best so far. I tried before Pureen, Pigeon, Kodomo but not to my liking. Buds abit pricey but the smell not so overwhelming which I like!

I've always just used our regular detergent - but we tend to stick with unscented or low scent versions because the husband has some allergies

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Pureen detergent powder. Only after 3 months then i changed to adult detergent. Breeze Gentle Liquid Detergent (suitable for babies too)

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Been using Pigeon detergent since NB. But with recent covid, I added tiny bit of Dettol laundry detergent.

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Must use separate detergent for baby clothes and with baby detergent like Kodomo. Baby skin is delicate.