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Hello all, Please recommend a gynaecologist & the hospital. Also, how much you spend on your whole delivery & which maternity ward/class, (after medisave etc). I’m clueless with the $ and needs recommendations. Thank you so much in advance! #advicepls #1stimemom #pregnancy

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Super Mum

Hi, I think it’s important for you to know what it is exactly you’re looking for in your gynae. I’ve written about this in one of my blogposts: I’ve also written another one on choosing a hospital. After thinking it through, the next step would be to look at your options with your budget in mind and narrow it down. My personal take would be to go down to the hospital to receive accurate financial advice :) Hope this helps.

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I was with private gynae and delivered at mt e novena. Took the single room and it costed around 7k for my bill after medisave (4k deposit, 3k balance cash).. then the child one i tink was 1.8k cash or smth liddat.. btw the cash portion was also inclusive of gynae fee..

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