Is this old blood/brown discharge?

Hello mummies, need some help here…I am about 6.5 weeks into the pregnancy and am starting to have these discharge since yesterday. I am already on duphaston, very worried.. is there anything I can do? Please share advise.. thanks!

Is this old blood/brown discharge?
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doesnt look like a lot. i had at 8 weeks and it lasted for a week. my gynae said it was unlikely anything serious given it wasnt a lot. she asked if i did anything strenuous. i was dragging my luggage, squatting to pack, lifting it up etc. she also shared it could be due to sex as the veins are now more engorged. but to play safe i put myself on bedrest. i hope the best for you!

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Try to reduce vigorous activities and rest more. Walk slowly. If accompanied by pain or cramps and the flow is getting more, go to Urgent O&G. Even if it’s normal, At least that will give you peace of mind.

It could be old blood. Continue to monitor if the colour turns to red or it gets heavier pls go and see your gynae or go kkh urgent o&g. Meanwhile try to rest more.

old blood. i bled for 1 mth dark to light brown. i even had fresh blood for a day. 33 weeks now. just rest more. cont eat ur duphaston.


I had 4 doses of injection when i had spotting at 7 weeks. Do check what is the best option from your gynae.