Why does my mouth have that "plain" taste, how to get rid of it?

My mouth sometimes have the plain feeling which sometimes even drinking plain water is yucky, how to get rid of this feeling/taste?

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I am now starting second trimester still have on and off this feeling. Will try adding fruits into water and eating candies. where can get candied ginger? how does it taste like?

i drink cold water with lemon and also have fisherman’s friend mints to standby on particularly bad tasting days. already in second tri but this taste still follows me :(

3y ago

for my friend i think it didnt go away until she gave birth!

If drinking plain water doesn’t appeal to u, maybe can try adding a slice of lemon into your water? Helps to enhance it a little. :)

same! i try to use the tongue scraper to clean, then drink fruits infused water. i hate plain water too, unless its cold

3y ago

cool thanks!!

Super Mum

Are you in your first trimester? Perhaps try sucking on some candy? Candied ginger helped for me.

im in my second trimester and still have this feeling on and off. usually the red hacks helps.

Hmm this is unheard of. Does it taste metallic some sort? Are you currently pregnant?

I passed my first trimester now started second trimester still have this feeling.

yes I am pregnant, so wondering how to get rid of this yucky taste


i suck on Himalayan salt candy, popsicles and drink warm water