Masturbation... Do you still do it now that you're married?
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no and i never did such thing. ewan ko ba, never sumagi sa isip ko yan not even once. sabi nga ng asawa ko bibilhan niya daw akong pampalibog kasi di daw ako normal.hahahah

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Ermmmm....not anymore. Too tired to have the mood for it. But yeah I would if needed too.

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why not? sometimes ur partner just isn't in a mood for it

Yeah why not. Sometimes easy to masturbate. Sex is tiring. Lol

5y ago


kahit may asawa ako nagsasarili parin ako minsan.Masarap kase ?

Yes, especially sex is bawal for me coz of risky pregnancy.

I won't be able to do it because of the baby! Haha