Trying to conceive at 40 FTM

I’ve recently got married and due to my age, we have been trying to conceive. My husband is 8 years younger than me. We were lucky in a way as it didn’t take us long to conceive but we lost our first bb at 7 weeks. Thereafter it took us another 4 months to conceive again. Sadly we lost the bb again at 8 weeks. I am devastated and am doing different tests to try and find out the root cause. I would like to know if there are mummies out there who has been in my situation and successfully gave birth to a healthy baby ?

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I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. It must be a very difficult time for you and your husband. It's great that you're actively looking for answers and doing tests to find out the root cause. There are definitely mummies out there who have been in similar situations and have successfully given birth to healthy babies. It's important to stay positive and keep trying. Surround yourself with support from loved ones and maybe consider seeking advice from a fertility specialist to help increase your chances of conceiving again. Remember, age is just a number and many women have successful pregnancies in their 40s. Stay strong and keep believing that your rainbow baby will come. Sending you lots of love and positive vibes during this challenging time.

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Me and my hub is 5yrs gap. He’s younger. We went for fertility check before we try for our 1st. Both our body is good to conceive. We had our 1st when I’m 39 and lost it at week 6. There’s no specific reason as to why we lost it.. Took us another 3 yrs to conceive again. Now I’m 42 and bb is arriving in a week’s time. All good and healthy. This 3 yrs, we nva go to do another fertility check. We just let nature take its course. Think most importantly is your mindset.. don’t get too stressed up (which I know is difficult) but have to try.. and also try going to tcm to tune your body if you believe in tcm. To me even you don’t believe but somehow is still good for my body. So no harm.

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Sorry to hear that. I am in my early 30s and husband in mid 30s - we have been through 2 early pregnancy losses as well. After the 2nd time we went for miscarriage profile check, all was fine. I started tcm to nurse and condition my body, while husband started taking fertility supplements too (on our own discretion, not gynae’s prescription). Just happened that we were moving house around that period and I really wanted a complete rest and recovery from the 2 incidents, so I left my job. Got conceived the month after and I am entering my 3rd trim now… I would think that a ‘stress-free’ lifestyle is what helps me to have come this far this time. Wishing u all the best!

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hello there.. I got married at and hubs same age.. we both have diabetes and high BP.. I got pregnant when I was 36 and miscarriaged at 8weeks.. got pregnant twice when I was 37 but both miscarriage too.. wanted to try for ivf before my 40th bday but then both me and husband got covid! 3mths after that I was pregnant!! and now my sweetheart is 2.5yrs old.. yes.. life begins at 40 for us! God is the best planner.. nvr lose hope in praying and continue trying.. wishing u the best.. ?

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I took multi vitamins and Co enzyme Q10 to help conceive. When finding out u are pregnant first few weeks, better to reduce the walking and stress in first trimester. Also going to gynae earlier helps since u have miscarried before. They can prescribe you hormones medication

Sorry to hear that. My friend had 2 miscarriages as well and went for tests, she had some genes that is more prone for miscarriage (some chromosome thing). So not sure if it’s the same for you or your husband.. she got 2 kids after that though natural. Hang in there!

i got conceived at 40yr and just gave birth to my first child in Apr. Other than doing the health checkups, the most important thing is for you to remain light hearted and stress-free. You can plan but should let nature take its course. Otherwise, you can try IVF?

Sorry for what happened, it must be devastating for you. I got pregnant at 37 and gave birth at 38. Not 40 but close. There are so many reasons for what happened. Consider IVF maybe?

try alternative treatments like massage, acupuncture and cupping. also take folic acid and prenatal vitamins. i also took Korean ginseng. *hugs*