Is it okay to leave a sleeping baby at home while you run out for a quick errand nearby?

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No I think it is advisable not to leave ur sleeping at home alone because anything might happen which you might not want it to,if you need to run for a quick errand at least ask ur neighbor to help to look after for awhile or bring your baby out together with a carrier sling thus yr baby can continuously sleep comfortably in your arms

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A big NO. Never ever leave your baby unattended. You never know when he would be in need of you. A car horn from outside or some drop sound from top floor can simply wake up your baby in a terrified mood and needs your immediate attention. Relentless crying and lack of attention can cause a psychological impact on the sensitive baby.

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Its a No No for me. Anytime baby may wake up and if cant find anyone, LO will feel insecure, panic and cry. For LO that is able to stand, climb or even walk even more unsafe as you dont know what he/she may do. Sometimes LO will do somethibg beyond your imagination. Its always better to have at least someone at home.

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No. You never know what your little one is capable of. My one year old toddler was able to flip himself out of his pack and play. I took my eyes away for one second and next thing you know he’s on his back, crying. Can you imagine all the scary things that could’ve happened if he was by himself?!?!?

Definitely no for me. Anything can just happen within seconds so to leave your child alone at home even when they are sleeping is dangerous. I will rather carry them and either put them in the stroller/baby wear them. The most I risk waking them up and that's all.

definitely a No No..not even a second me no matter how many second we nvr know what will happen.Anything can happen..Usually when my kids are smalls no matter how tired i will always bring them along unless its a big shopping ones i will meet up my hubby after work.

Absolutely not! Sorry to say but a baby does not have an 'On' and 'Off' switch so you can run errands whenever convenient. Pls make sure that your baby is accompanied by a trusted person, if you must finish this errand. Better yet, take him/her along when your baby is up.

Nope.. I will never leave my baby alone at home. She may wakes up anytime and cries endlessly if I'm not around. The thought of this already scares me. I always babywear her to go out and run errands if I'm alone. If not, use a stroller if that's easier.

This is a super NO NO How can you leave a baby alone??? Please don't ever do that. Bring baby along if you need to run errands even if it is just to get something downstairs. Never leave baby alone at all times. It's is super dangerous.

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No!!!! Cause ull never know when the baby will get up or if the baby would roll around the bed and suffocate themselves unknowingly!! If you need to run an errand, either put your lo at a care takers place or just baby wear and bring your lo along.