Is it ok to leave my sleeping baby alone at home?

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I'm sorry but why would you even ask that question? Would you let a baby play with a pair of scissors... NO ... so why would you want to leave them alone at home while sleeping !

I would never do that to my cutie pie. babies are so delicate & they get frightened after waking up if they dont see their loved ones. I dont want her to feel scared or insecured & so shouldn’t any parents.

It is better not to. If your baby doesn't keep waking up in between and your work is unavoidable, then ask someone you trust to look after the baby if he wakes up. But don't leave him alone!

no, please avoid ! its our job to make sure that our baby is safe with us ! not leaving them behind! even me, i never dare to leave my baby alone whenever i go out.

Never. Something tragic can happen in less than a minute. You will take the pain your whole life if something happens to your baby.

Hey Mom I think here lies your answer :) Thanks

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Off course no, there was one woman left her baby with the nanny and guess what? The baby was in safe hands

Idk is it okay?this is about as stupid as asking if its okay to let a newborn eat solid foods


Unless you have a well trusted care giver who knows what she is doing, never leave your baby alone

5y ago

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