Husband going for ZoukOut while you take care of baby at home?

Poll: Would you be okay with your husband going for ZoukOut with his friends while you have to stay home to take care of your baby (background: no helper, no parents/in-laws who can help with caretaking)?

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I won't be ok with him going to ZoukOut while I have to stay at home to jaga baby. I won't force him to stay home though cos even if he's home, he won't be jaga-ing the baby (willingly) cos he will feel sour cos he supposed to go ZO mah... So, I will tell him to go. I will even tell him, "Have fun!" Then, in the months to come (or until i feel ok), I will make him regret that he decided to go ZO instead of jaga-ing baby with me. Lol. Guilt trip works for my hb. Not sure for yours work or not la... 🤭

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think of it in his perspective. if we go out doing what we like or want ourselves, sometimes we also don't feel like bringing the spouse along. not all activities are baby friendly. if he is an honest man and not doing anything funny, let him go enjoy for one night. not as if he is going for many nights. Unless u are doing confinement and he went out to ZO then no please. if you are on maternity leave still, oh come on it's only one night!

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No no.. how can he do that… you give birth you take care and he going for ZoukOut…? If he have sense of responsibility he won’t do that girl… just tell him you’re not comfortable and you need him to be with you to take care of the baby and spend time with you…

It could be his Me Time, then you should also have the Me Time where he stays home to take care of baby while you go out shopping, have facial, manicure or go ZO with friends (without hubby). Be fair.

Sorry not for me at all. A big NO NO. Want to party bring spouse along. It is a date time/couple time. Otherwise not at all. While he have fun partying, you take care of baby? What? NO NO 🤭💋

No if you’re a guy and go ZO means the obvious, leaving baby n mummy at home means he prioritises fun over family so sorry to say u got a bad hubby. Feel sorry for you.

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Hmm - yes 👍 I wouldn’t have a problem with it

I wouldn’t be okay with it.

For me I will feel annoyed …

1y ago

I will tell him I am annoyed. If he still goes I will really be damn disappointed

This is a big not ok