I'm thinking of trying for a second child

I'm not sure if my girl, who is now 3 years old, is ready for a sibling. My husband said that I'm going to be carrying the baby and going through the pain, so he is asking if I'm sure about it.  I'm already 35 this year, and I'm worried. #advicepls

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Hey. I feel that it’s between both you and your husband to decide. My hubby and I tried for our second child after our firstborn turned 1 year old and I recently conceived. Their age gap will be 21 months and I’m turning 35 next year and heard it will be risky. We were not very intentional in trying as it wasn’t successful for past few months. And I had low ovarian reserve(lower than average women my age). I can only say that 3 years plus is a good age gap cos by the time you conceive and give birth will be around 4 years gap? I heard it’s not always easy to conceive though…. For me and my hubby we know we definitely want a second baby but at first I was also very concerned about the morning sickness etc as I’m the one going through it but I hope this second child will be my firstborn’s best gift from us. :)

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Hi ..have you ever thought trying alternative way in getting pregnant ?

You still very young to even have fourth child .


my kids age gap :)