Lodger in Maternity Ward

Can I check... With the current situation, are lodgers allowed in Maternity Wards? Like, can my husband stay with me throughout my hospital stay after delivery?

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I had my lo nearing end of last month. Chose class a1. Husband not allowed to stay over the night. In the delivery suite yes he can. The first night my hubby managed to stay over cause the nurse was lenient but another nurse was on duty the second night and she was stricter. 🙄

4y ago

Mine was kkh tho

Am afraid not, given the situation. You might want to double confirm with your hospital.

4y ago

Thank youuu.


doubt it... but do check with ur hospital directly to be sure

You may want to check with ur hospital. Diff hosp diff policy

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can try ask the hospital. not sure how the rules are now

At our hospital, they said the husband can stay

4y ago

Mount A

cannot if I'm not wrong


4y ago

But do reconfirm with the hospital, mine is at KKH.