Lethargy during first trimester

Can I check if it is normal to feel lethargic and as if you are sick during the first trimester? I feel like I am sick everyday but I know I don’t have fever or whatsoever.

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it's normal, i skipped all my meetings during 1st trimester, nauseous all the time, painful stomach cramp for about a month. Totally cannot focus.. hang in there, 2nd trimester will be much better and is the most enjoyable trimester =)

I’m also in my first tri and having very bad morning sickness, lethargic and sleepy always, and weak cos not much food intake. But still need to go to work ☹️ not too sure if I’m able to get HL from gynae to rest more at home

Normal. I was tired everyday for weeks. Has to take naps in between my work. Could sleep 12 hours and still feel tired. It'll get better 2nd trimester on

Yea immunity might be lower and you’ll feel like you’re sick in first tri. Do take care!

Yes, feel lethargic because of the hormones. Sleep and rest more!

i also feel sleepy everyday now. i am at week 8

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yep, totally normal! hang in there mummy!!