Feeling sick everyday

Hi mummies is it normal for me to feel like I am sick everyday I am so tired, feel like pucking, no appetite to eat and I just feel so sad.

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Same. I cried many times randomly, it’s so hard for me to get up from bed everyday because I just feel so drained. And food is an issue because I don’t feel like eating at all yet have to find food if not my stomach will hurt, being nauseous is next level for me. You can do it, hang on :(

2mo ago

same babe, I think this week we will feel worst as morning sickness peaks at week 8. We can go thru thus tgt!

Im week 6 and feeling very tired, nauseous, frustrated and it’s so so hard to go to work. I dozed off during work a few times as my body couldn’t take it anymore. Every min at work feels so painful, I wish I can curl up on a ball on my bed

2mo ago

we will pull through it!!

Yes mummy, 6 weeks today. Its draining, i cried a few times too. Not to worry, just our body taking alot of energy to grow a human. Hugs, it will get better for us. ♥️

2mo ago

we can do this! let's stay positive and strong!

I feel you mummy. I feel nauseous all the time, week 6 currently. Find it very hard to work

2mo ago

we are in the same boat! hope we get thru this stronger!