I am 26 weeks pregnant and I am having some kinda brown discharge. I spoke to the doctor he said that it is just some old blood. Today I again got some discharge which seemed like blood. Is this normal ?

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Same here spotting since 10 weeks pernah warded skg 26 weeks masih ada spotting tu doc ckp ada polip di pintu rahim Harap2 xde pape semuanya selamat

same with at 24week.. 2 days brown discharge n warded.. after out hospital happened again 1 day.. and now 26weeks no spotting.. but very

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Please see doctor. Anything can happen. But i doakan semoga semua selamat. Just check with doctor ya.

same experience but i at 24week.. and now 26 weeks.. alhamdulillah not spotting discharged again

OMG... jgn biarlah... pendarahan pada 2nd trimester spatutnya x berlaku...

When I was in 2nd trimester had light brown discharge. Only 1-2 times.

Discharge mesti bersebab. Better check it again. For our safety.


Please report to the doctor again ohk

yes is normal .. don't worry about that

5y ago

but still u need meet ur doctor soon for more safety