To give pacifier or not

Currently my lo is 5mths old, he have a habit of sucking his hands in order for him to sleep. If we take out his hand he will keep crying non stop, even at home we carry him or shake in cradle don’t works anymore. During daytime we put him in infant care the teacher told us he can’t sleep well during his nap time. Like avg sleep 15-30mins or maybe longest is 1hr. (But he can sleep 8-10hrs at night) so the teacher suggest us to give him pacifier. Because she told us in future sucking hands is harder to cut off than sucking pacifier. For the past 5mths we have been persist not to give pacifier and this time it seem like we have no other choice but to give pacifier. Anyone encounter similar problem? Or how do you deal with it? Thanks in advance. #1stimemom #firstbaby

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True! my younger boy didn't use pacifier till 1year old. But then he keep on sucking his thumb to sleep, so we have no choice to give him. he only suck it for 2months then he hate pacifier 😂. while my elder boys on pacifier for 2years then they throw it out of window. So i don't replace it and they stop using it. haha! I heard some said if used pacifier baby tend to have abnormal teeth, slow speech etc. but not for my boys. there's no problem with them.

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Thanks all for the reply. Now I gave him pacifier only when he is sleeping and he will let go after he fall asleep. The teacher said he is not addicted to pacifier, just want to suck on something to sleep so no need to worried. 😌

it’s true. pacifier works wonders, and it’s easy to cut off eventually. trust me