Could someone tell me if these are pregnancy rashes? I saw a derma recently and was diagnosed with contact dermatitis on the lower part of the legs. After coming home to apply steroid cream on the affected area, there was this outbreak of rashes which I am not sure whether they are pregnancy rashes or other forms of rashes. Note: the rashes didn't start from tummy nor do I have any stretch marks ard tummy yet.

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Before I was pregnant, I have contact dermatitis on my fingers. After conceived (for my both pregnancies), these small itchy bumps appeared in other places like tight, lower leg, arm, back, tummy etc. GP misdiagnosed it as ticks bite because it really looks like one. After some readings, I find this useful information. It gets better after taking antihistamines and steroid (cream and oral). Just be careful when describe it to doctor. Some antihistamine is not pregnancy safe and avoid steroid. Can you imagine, I suspect pregnancy from this annoying sign😂 https://dermnetnz.org/topics/prurigo-of-pregnancy/#:~:text=Prurigo%20of%20pregnancy%20is%20a,and%20pruritic%20folliculitis%20of%20pregnancy.

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I had rashes on both thighs but sometimes on the arms. But it doesn't look like this. Advice to see doc.