Compared to when you were a child, do you think...
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Being a parent today is easier
About the same

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I think it’s a bit harder because four kids are just exposed to so much more information that we were and are as a halt very opinionated and aware. We were too naive, the kids today are way smarter and ask for logic behind every decision made.


madali sa akin kasi meron nang mga gaya ng VIP na tumutulong satung mga Mommies on how to manage baby or children..Meron internet para madami masagot yung ibang tanong ng mga mommies lalo na first time moms..

I feel that it's harder due to inflation and availability of resources.

having and raising a child is hard specially with no partner around

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tapi setiap apapun pasti ada cabarannya .

I'm in heaven with my children


tougher in today's env

being parents not easy


Dont know