Baby cry throughout the night

My baby is just few days old . He sleep well in the morning no matter how we wake him up for feeding , he is always in drowsy sleeping mode. However when comes to night time , he started to be active and cry eventhough being feed. Anyone can help pls ? Any splution to make him sleep at night ?#advicepls #pleasehelp #1stimemom

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Super Mum

Hey mama Michelle, Babies cry a lot - and rest assured it’s normal. You’re doing an amazing job just by being there for him and bringing him earth side - kudos mama! To put things into perspective, baby is new to everything - just a few days ago, he was in your uterus, surrounded by amniotic fluid. It’s dark and all he hears is your voice and your partner’s voice. He didn’t have to use his lungs to breathe or his mouth to drink or his digestive system to eat because you did that for him. Now, he has to do all that on his own! And this world is foreign to him - he doesn’t understand night from day as there wasn’t much light while he was in the tummy. So to him, night is his day too! Try lots of skin to skin contact to assure baby he’s safe - skin to skin is whereby baby’s bare skin is on your bare skin and there’s no clothing or barrier separating the two of you. The benefits of skin to skin can be found in these articles: Another thing you could do to help baby along is by making it as noisy and as bright as possible during the day - and dim the lights and make it quiet at night. Babies do not have a circadian rhythm. So we need to help them understand what is night and day; when the world is up and about and when it’s time to rest . You could also have a routine during the day - like after baby wakes in the morning, do a feed, try talking to him, or taking him downstairs for a little walk, then bring him up to feed and then sleep and so on… Baby wearing during the day might help too :)

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