Do you want to have another baby? (Why or why not in the comments!)
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Yes - the more the merrier!

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I am traumatized to have another baby 😖😢 When my child turns 4 mos. Old she suffered from meningitis and was hospitalized for almost a month! 😭 My husband and i don't have work that time and was devastated, so thankful to God for His provision and healing now my baby is 5yrs old And i couldnt ask for more 😊 She is more than enough blessing for us

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4y ago

may God Bless your Daughter..

no!kahit puede pa kami nang husband ko mag ka anak (i am 32 my husband is 35)gusto kasi namin mabigyan nang magandang kinabukasan mga ank namin makatpos nang pag aarl..naisio namin kung 2 lang sila kayang kaya pahirap na kasi nang pahirap ang buhay ngayon

We have blessed with two wonderful daughters, an idea of having another baby is great, but in reality we need to also consider our finances and their future. As of now, having two princesses is perfectly enough, couldn't ask for more.

maybe nope, one is enough for age 19teen. if would think for another one more maybe when im married to a man who loves saving money type, loves to adventure his love life with me n his children.

for me one is enough. but my husband says he wants another one when our baby is big enough to look after his little sibling. i think that would be cool

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Pwde pa masundan kahit isa sguro. 😊 Better to have a Baby Boy and a Baby Girl. Pero kng anu ibigay ni God for us we’ll love to have them. 😍😊

I would love to have another baby but not at this point. We're having a lot of struggles in our marriage so until it is fixed, no to another baby yet.

Mas masaya kasi kapag madami base on my experience, 6 kami magkakapatid..magulo man pero masaya dahil pinalaki kami ng maayos ng parents ko.. 😊

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gusto ko pa sana ng 1 kaya lang pag naiisip ko yung feeling nun after ko ma cs hirap gumalaw at ang sakit ng tahi parang ayaw ko muna hahahha

No. Big No for me. I'll go crazy if I have another kid. I don't want quantity but I want quality. To each its own. the list can go on.