super sour taste bud in mouth

Anyone same as me? Mouth whole day sour even not eating anything? It feels terrible. Very terrible feeling when u swallow salvia. Already week 13 yet still like this. Very sad and not enjoying my pregnancy at all. During meals gave to chose carefully what I eat. Very vexed.

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Super Mum

I understand what you're describing and I experienced it too. It's probably acid reflux. It helps to eat slowly and don't lie down right after eating. Drinking lots of water should also help. If it doesn't get better you can ask your gynae to prescribe some pills. Take care!

4y ago

Thanks. My gynea never say is due to acid reflux but say is normal just hormone change. So ask me wait longer will disappear. Ya. Antacid pills I bot before from pharmacy. I got gastric issue so I'm familiar. May I know what type or brand u eating? Omg. Sorry to hear it last you 9 months. I pray mine wasn't. I super smell sensitive too. Have to change all my shower and hand wash. Even my hubby too. If not headache comes...