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BTO - Advice pls 😭

hi mummies, need your advice on this... (not related to pregnancy btw) I'm 21 this year, my mom put me as essential occupier in the year 2021. My mom told me to sign not knowing it is essential occupier she said that I just need to wait 5 years (she thought 5 years will start when she submit the form I sign and not during the key collection - MOP period). My mom couldn't apply on her own as she previously bought a resale flat with my father whom she divorced years ago, so she needs me. I have a 5 years old son and me and my son's father would like to expand our family but in order to do so we need a flat as his flat is too cramp as its only a 3 room flat with his mother and brother living in it. My mom purchased 2 room flat only. I wrote to hdb to appeal if my mom can retain the flat and remove me as an essential occupier so I can purchase my own flat with my boyfriend as we would like to expand our family, etc. HDB replied and said in order to do so my mom cannot retain the flat if I withdraw my name as an essential occupier. I'm really lost as if I apply now the grant will be more for me and my boyfriend as i'm the only one working my boyfriend is in NS currently. My mom sort of threatened me if I withdraw my name I have to pay her $500 cash and 10% of her OA - CPF she used. I'm really speechless as she did not ask properly and now it became my fault. Btw she just converted to Singaporean in 2021, so she can purchase a flat. The bto she purchased during 2021 and it will be done around 2026 to 2027. which I will already be 24/25 then I need to wait to fulfill MOP period which is another 5 years I will be 29/30 then so on I purchase BTO that will be another 5 years, etc. I've explained my views to my mother but she do not want to think from my perspective. i'm just speechless and lost.

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BTO - Advice pls 😭
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