My husbands mother

Wrote a poem documenting my feelings towards my mother in law. Share more with me about your husbands mother - what is your relationship with her like … To the woman who raised my husband He is now my husband My partner and child’s father It is time to let go Take your opinions Take your thoughts Somewhere else, go. For I have endured 7 years of you Enforcing your way Your way or the highway Now I choose the highway Take your opinions Take your thoughts Keep them to yourself Go somewhere else, go

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I guess I'm not the only daughter in law having this feelings. I just felt that my mil couldn't accept the fact that her son is already a married man. And that he needs to live independantly with his wife. Marriage life revolves around the husband and wife, not with the parents. I just don't know how to convince my husband that she'll do well even without him around.

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To the woman who raised my husband You dint like it But u are doing it Realising it or not You are becoming that person U claim u dont want to be Stop adding oil to the flame Im tired of not able to voice out Just to not cause a spark A smile on my face Yet a thousand words in my heart Dont force it in If no was the answer.

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10mo ago

To the woman who raised my husband You claim you are unlike other MILs You state you want your son To be independent Perhaps you don’t realise how dependent You are on him With your incessant questions - When are you coming for dinner? When are you coming to visit? Why don’t you call me more often? A confused daughter in law I am By your contradicting nature A marriage you have caused To be a tad too crowded

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Im crying so hard reading all these. if only mothers knew their impact on their own sons and the pain other people daughters go through because of ur own actions over the years.

wow, good poems👍